About the project

Discover Haselgrove Wines' journey towards sustainability with a 15KW solar installation by You Energy in South Australia. Reducing carbon footprint and energy costs, Haselgrove sets a new standard in eco-friendly winemaking.


Nestled in the heart of South Australia's renowned McLaren Vale wine region, Haselgrove Wines has embraced sustainability with a 15KW solar installation by You Energy. This project not only signifies Haselgrove Wines' dedication to environmental stewardship but also marks a significant step towards reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs.

Implementation Process

  • Site Assessment: Detailed analysis of Haselgrove Wines' site and energy profile.
  • Design and Engineering: Custom solar solution designed to maximize energy production and efficiency.
  • Installation: Seamless and efficient installation process, minimizing disruption to winery operations.
  • System Activation: Comprehensive testing and commissioning to ensure optimal performance.
  • Maintenance and Support: Ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to sustain peak system efficiency.

Benefits for Haselgrove Wines


  • Operational Savings: Immediate reduction in energy bills, enhancing financial performance.
  • Sustainability: A significant step towards achieving sustainability targets and promoting eco-friendly practices in the wine industry.
  • Brand Value: Strengthening of Haselgrove Wines' brand as a leader in environmental responsibility.
  • Energy Independence: Increased independence from the grid, providing a stable and sustainable energy source.


The 15KW solar installation at Haselgrove Wines exemplifies the synergy between agricultural tradition and modern sustainability. By choosing You Energy, Haselgrove Wines not only benefits from reduced operational costs and an enhanced environmental profile but also sets a precedent for renewable energy adoption in the Australian wine industry.

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