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  • Date: 2022
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  • Address: 221 Maribyrnong Rd, ASCOT VALE 3032
At North West Day Hospital in Ascot Vale, we undertook an 20.28KW solar installation, exemplifying our dedication to providing sustainable power to essential services. The project not only ensures a stable energy supply but also reflects our expertise in handling installations of varying scales. By seamlessly integrating solar power into the hospital's operations, we have significantly contributed to its long-term sustainability.


In an era where sustainable practices are gaining paramount importance, the North West Day Hospital in Ascot Vale, VIC, is setting a shining example. As a leading provider of clean energy solutions, we at You Energy are thrilled to have successfully installed a 20.28 KW solar system at this esteemed healthcare facility.

Harnessing Clean Energy for Healthcare

The North West Day Hospital's decision to embrace solar power speaks volumes about its dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. The 20.28 KW solar system, meticulously designed and installed by You Energy, not only powers the hospital's operations but also contributes to the sustainability movement. By generating clean energy from sunlight, the hospital is taking proactive steps to lower its reliance on conventional energy sources and significantly cut down its greenhouse gas emissions.

Advantages for the Hospital

  • Cost Savings: The transition to solar energy allows the North West Day Hospital to capitalize on significant cost savings in the long run. With reduced reliance on grid electricity, the hospital can allocate resources more efficiently to its core healthcare services.
  • Energy Independence: Solar power provides the hospital with a degree of energy independence, insulating it from the volatility of energy prices and potential grid disruptions.
  • Community Health and Awareness: The hospital's commitment to sustainable practices not only benefits its operational efficiency but also resonates positively with patients, staff, and the surrounding community. It demonstrates a responsible approach to environmental stewardship and health promotion.

Environmental Impact

The environmental implications of the solar installation are remarkable. By utilizing solar energy, the hospital is reducing its reliance on fossil fuels, which in turn mitigates air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This aligns perfectly with global efforts to combat climate change and underscores the healthcare sector's role in contributing to a healthier planet.

You Energy's Expertise

As a pioneer in clean energy solutions, You Energy brought its expertise to the fore in planning and executing this solar installation. With a focus on precision and efficiency, You Energy’s team designed a bespoke solar system tailored to the hospital's energy needs. This successful collaboration showcases You Energy’s commitment to promote sustainable practices within diverse industries.


The North West Day Hospital's adoption of 20.28 KW solar system with You Energy’s expert team is a demonstration of the hospital's dedication to sustainable healthcare practices. This milestone not only demonstrates the feasibility of clean energy integration in healthcare facilities but also paves the way for a greener and more resilient future. At You Energy, we're honoured to have played a pivotal role in this transformative journey towards sustainability.

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